Industrielite Floor Mask PU

Elite Industrialite Floor Mask Polyurethane is an environment-friendly, solvent-free, Zero VOC, high-performance, matt floor finish to provide a durable and protective coating on concrete surfaces.

Master Coat

Master Coat is a brand, which has been leading for over the last 20 years, and it is often regarded as the generic name for exterior paints.

Silk Deluxe

The paint’s soft-touch finish creates a smooth and velvety surface that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Lucky Seven

Lucky 7 is a synthetic enamel paint that provides a highly reflective and glossy finish, giving surfaces a smooth and polished finish.


Elite Paint manufactures globally certified high-performance Transocean Coatings for the Marine & Protective Market in Bangladesh.

Elite Marine Paint

This coating is specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment by providing protection and durability.

Super Strength

This is a ready-to-use liquid accelerating concrete admixture, which brings down the setting time and increases strength.

Plastelite Plastic Emulsion

Delivers the ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, and everlasting color.

Rebelite Synthetic Paste Distemper

User-friendly paint for flawless results and puts premium color within your budget.

Illumina Glitter

It is a high quality waterborne paint, based on acrylic emulsion which provides a beautiful Glitter look for Interior walls..

Illumina Top Coat

It is a Clear Coat, based on acrylic binder. Being ready product for interior wall coating provides superior stain resistance.

Smooth Exterior

Ultimate performance for rich, vivid color and exceptional durability for exterior surfaces.

Supreme Elitecem

Self-Curing supreme Elitecem is a cement based solid coating for protection and decoration of early exterior walls


Industrielite is prepared from selected resin and pigments. This paint possesses excellent color tension qualities and is suitable for industrial environments.

Hammelite Hammer Finish

This is ideal for protection and decoration of all ferro structures and non absorbent surfaces including metal filling cabinets.

Industrielite Black Bituminous Paint

It is an inexpensive paint based on resinous materials and synthetic asphalts which is anti-corrosive, & resistant to water.

PowerCoat Powder Coating

A range of products, made of special resigns and other ingredients that imparts tough, long durable & weather condition.

Road Marking Paint

This is resistant to water permeability and non-bleeding on bitumen dressed roads and highways.

Rupali Aluminium Paint

It is based on special type of oleo - resinous medium and aluminium paste which has excellent leafing properties.

Tennis Court Paint

Tennis Court paint is a specialized Elite Product meant for making the court colourful and non-skid.

Marelite Marine Synthetic Enamel Paint

It is a solvent based super gloss paint based on high quality alkyd resin.

Industrielite Damp Stop

It provides a moisture barrier for interior & exterior concrete surfaces, & also has the ability to retain decorative appeal.

Salt Seal

To protect the wall from salt it is the best foundation for base coat.

SLE Self Leveling Epoxy

Floor Mask self leveling epoxy provides outstanding performance as a seamless flooring solution. Which is used in food and beverage processing facilities, Electronic equipment plants, industrial and commercial warehouse, garment factories, etc.


Add style to your room and create special interest with decorative wall designs with Illumina Signature Wall.

Kid's Wonderwalls

Decorate your kid’s room with wide variety of fun loving designs from kids wonder walls.

Fat Ink

Customized graffiti art for your space.


Celebrate vibrant colors from color fest, Which Provides over 1050 + Shades instantly through tinting machines.

Quick Drying

A solvent based wood, metal and masonry finish that offers clean shades and excellent gloss.

Synthetic Clear Varnish

It is a protective coating for softwoods and hardwoods, which is composed of alkyd resin having high solid content.

YACHT Varnish

Yacht Varnish can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces for good gloss retention and excellent durability.


Bontile Texture Paint, a three-layer painting system, is a high performance corrosion resistant texture type architectural coating.

Elite Care

Elite care comprises of hi-teach products specially developed to take care of your contractions building & walls.

Aclose Sealer

To achieve certain desired color it is the best foundation for base coat.

Mastercoat Exterior Wall Sealer

Interior premium sealers deliver the exceptional adhesion and holdout required for a smooth and durable topcoat.

Plastelite Wall Sealer

It is specially solvent based primer for the building of loosely bound, powdery, and flaking surfaces.

Wallelite Interior Wall Sealer

Interior premium sealers deliver the exceptional adhesion and holdout required for a smooth and durable topcoat.

Puttelite Wall Putty

Wall putty is based on adhesion promoted acrylic that dries quickly, & fills the voids, cracks, imperfections of the wall.

Multi-Purpose Putty White

It is based on polymer powder that creates an excellent impermeable layer for concrete surfaces and masonry walls.

Victory-U Anti Corrosive Red Oxide Primer

A Primer, based on alkyd resin & iron oxide pigment, has anti-corrosive, adhesion & weather resistance properties.

T 7 Thinner

Thinner T-7 is an epoxy thinner which is designed to thin epoxy based paints and primers.

T1 Thinner

It is a general purpose thinner for conventional paint.

Bontile Sealer

Bontile Top Coat

Bontile Thiner

Supreme Copal Varnish

It is an oil based, water repellent wood treatment for soft and hardware timber structures such as chairs, tables, etc.

Super Plaster 2K

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3 in 1 Putty

3 in 1 putty mix is an advanced technology for high-performance penetrating putty mix used to protect concrete, brick, mortar and masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of water intrusion.

Super Latex

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Super Seal Water Repellent

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PU Roofcoat

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Floor Paint

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