Illumina Top Coat


  • Illumina Top Coat is a Clear Coat, based on the acrylic binder.
  • It is based on a new technology particularly designed for use on interior wall coatings.
  • It is a ready-to-use product, which provides your interior wall with a unique combination of surface properties including superior stain resistance (especially against liquid stains), superior burnish resistance, soft-touch feel, good flattening effect, water whitening resistance, and washability. 

Starts from Tk 480

product details


  • Appearance: Milky white emulsion
  • Solids, by weight: % 32.0
  • Density: .98
  • pH: 8.5


  • Stain and burnish resistance
  • Soft touch
  • Fast drying and low odor
  • High Sheen surface
  • Contains no organic solvents
  • Low VOC
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Direction For Use

It is a water-based transparent / clear paint coating. It is used on Illumina design walls as protective or lamination coat and it is only used in interiors.

Usage: Applicable on Brick and stone walls, interior texture designed walls &, etc. Surface Preparation: Prepare the paintable wall similar to surface preparation of Silk Deluxe or Plastelite Plastic Emulsion.

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