Master Coat

The best exterior paint with Safeguard TechnologyTM and 10 years guarantee gives the protection of exterior surfaces.

Silk Deluxe

Gives a creative glaze and unique effect that transforms surfaces into peace of art.

Plastelite Plastic Emulsion

Delivers the ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, and everlasting color.

Rebelite Synthetic Paste Distemper

User-friendly paint for flawless results and puts premium color within your budget.

Illumina Glitter

It is a high quality waterborne paint, based on acrylic emulsion which provides a beautiful Glitter look for Interior walls..

Illumina Top Coat

It is a Clear Coat, based on acrylic binder. Being ready product for interior wall coating provides superior stain resistance.

Smooth Exterior

Ultimate performance for rich, vivid color and exceptional durability for exterior surfaces.

Supreme Elitecem

Self-Curing supreme Elitecem is a cement based solid coating for protection and decoration of early exterior walls