Supreme Elitecem


  • Supreme Elitecem is a cement-based solid paint for the protection and decoration of exterior walls of buildings.
  • It is a very economical exterior paint.
  • Available in 20 shades as per shade card.

Starts from Tk 450

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  • Highly durable
  • Protects wall from sun, rain and extreme weather conditions
  • It also works well in monsoon, and during high humidity


  • Coverage: 80 – 90 sqft/ltr/coat
  • Full Cure: 48 hours
  • Thinning Ratio: Mix two parts of Elitecem with one part of water
  • Application: Dry wall to be wetted with water. Application to be done just after drying. Keep wetting after 24 hours till it is fully cured and hard. Application can be made directly on moist and clean damp walls. Future wetting may not required.
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Direction For Use

Preparation for the site: Before applying paint, dust, chalk, stoop, oil, and fungus should be cleaned up properly. Remove all types of separated and micro dirt from the wall. It is not necessary to use any kind of sealer or primer for a new wall. For a new wall, use 120 sandpaper or stone and for the old wall, use a scraper to clean up. For Old wall, Elitecem is used only on the cemented wall. Elitecem is not necessary to use for emulsion based painted walls because of its self-curing formula. Wall should be dried up properly before applying paint to cure. For newly plastered wall, give about 12 weeks for curing.

Step-1: For being a self-curing formula in Supreme Elitecem (Walter based), use cement: water = 2:1 (as per volume), that means, Mix 2 parts of self-curing paint with 1 part clean water perfectly for making a paste. Before applying on the wall, 1 part of clean water is mixed with formed thin paste again and, dried up for 3-4 hours which is applicable for both interior and exterior walls. Per liter coverage is about 80 – 90 ft. It must be used within 1 hour after mixing water. Otherwise, Frozen paint or paste may be applicable for unused.

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