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Elite Paint, founded in 1952, was the first-ever paint company to have been established in Bangladesh. Since its inception, the company has grown to become one of the country’s leading paint brands, under the guidance of our Honorable Founder Chairman Late Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed. Soon after his graduation Late Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed established a small paint manufacturing factory in Chittagong by the name of Elite Chemical Industries. From the very beginning, Elite Paint played a major part in the development of our native country.

The company started its journey with a small manufacturing base, little capital, and simple machinery. Right from the start, Elite Paint's primary aim was to prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. Over time, this ethos coupled with perceptive marketing campaigns propelled Elite Paint to the top of the industry. Now, operations have been set up all over the country. Our head office is located in Dhaka, but the range of operations is spread far and wide. To deliver the best quality products, Elite Paint utilizes a vast number of resources in research and development.

Our state of art paint laboratory is home to highly qualified chemists and specialists who are consistently working to add new and innovative products to an already stellar line. Through this research and development Elite Paint has created products to suit every need. We produce a wide range of paints and coating for a variety of different industrial needs. The company is also manufacturing paints to protect ships and offshore structures. Elite Paint’s product portfolio goes from economic to high performance, catering to the demands of every user.


To provide the highest quality paint and coatings products to protect all kinds of assets, present a variety of options and solutions to customers, and create an environment that drives innovation amongst all involved.


To be the leading supplier of paint and coatings to help enhance our nation’s infrastructure by providing the highest customer satisfaction and quality products.




Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed was a legendary entrepreneur of Bangladesh. With his innovation, leadership and perseverance, Serajuddin Ahmed built a business empire from scratch. Starting with a small chemical factory in Agrabad (Chittagong) in 1952, Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed, expanded and grew his empire (Elite Paint Group of Companies) within a very short span of time.

To his followers, Serajuddin Ahmed was a hero, to his contemporaries he was an icon, to young entrepreneurs he was a mentor and to regulators he was an amazing symbol of fairness. In his approach to business, Serajuddin Ahmed always put people's welfare at the focal consideration of entrepreneurship that made him different from other top businessmen in the country. Therefore, there has never been a single incident of labour unrest in any of his enterprises. Many of them still serving. Serajuddin Ahmed symbolizes hard work, vision, transparency and foresightedness, a combination very rare in the developing world. The early sad demise of Mr. Ahmed on 1 May 1985 at the age of 54 is truly an end of an era.

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Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has a long and self-righteous story of success in the paint industry. We have started small and embarked on a journey that lasted more than 5 decades and still moving forward with arms wide open to accept all the challenges that the new age has to offer.

My father, the Founder Chairman, Late Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed, had started his journey with small capital and simple machinery. He had a vision that one day this company will reach the peak of success. Today we carry forward the heritage and are working towards the betterment and will continue to endeavor and achieve the success of which our father would have been proud of. We have taken flights and spread our wings to establish other concerns as well.

Although we have been able to reach a very commanding height, success is very relative. Elite Paint is now a name synonym to Quality & Luxury. It is our pride and honor to uphold the legacy and cater to the customers' needs to its fullest. We are constantly working hard to lead the company to the zenith.

Salim Ahmed

Vice-Chairman, EPCIL.

Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has been in the paint business since 1952 and has been in your neighborhood since then as well. We specialize in top-quality coating products for residential, commercial, industrial, and marine sectors.
We have a young and energetic team of brilliant individuals who are working relentlessly toward excellence. Elite Paint has created an opportunity for employment of over 500, from the ground level to the top hierarchy since its adaptation to a corporate structure in 2009. Our employees are given training in their own field for self-growth and to deliver better output. We have tried to ensure job security and meet compensatory insurance as well as retirement plans for our employees besides serving our customers’ needs. Several of our employees have been with the company for over 63 years. We consider our employees as our family members. We state ourselves as Elite Paint Family.
We have faced all kinds of highs and lows, been through all kinds of changes but have passed all the tests time had thrown before us with brave approaches. Elite Paint may be an old company, but it is young at heart. Today Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has wonderfully reshaped into one of the top leading Bangladeshi paint manufacturers in the paint industry and ensuring itself as a landmark on its own.

board of directors

Shajir Ahmed


Rabez Ahmed


Rahil Ahmed