Synthetic Clear Varnish


  • Synthetic Clear Varnish is a protective coating for softwoods and hardwoods, which are composed of high grade alkyd resin having high solid content.

Starts from Tk 150

product details


  • It is ideally used for metal and wooden structures
  • Transparent and high gloss


  • Coverage: 600 – 650 sqft/3.64 ltr(s)
  • Surface Dry: 1 hour
  • Surface Dry: 1 hour
  • Recoating Time: 18 hours
  • Thinning Ratio: 5% volume with thinner T-1
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Direction For Use

Widely used Synthetic Clear Varnish is based on high-quality alkyd resin.It is highly bright, smooth, and high resistance to rust and termite affected. Synthetic Clear Varnish is specially used on wood work & metallic work, which is usable at all-weather for both interior and exterior of room.

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