Tennis Court Paint


  • Elite Paint Tennis Court Paint is not only designed for tennis courts but also for other sport like badminton courts, basketball courts, athletic courts, playgrounds, and other recreational pavement surfaces. Tennis court paint is available in a wide range of standard colors. These paints will be able to survive in all kinds of weather, from heavy rainfall to intense heat. Color is fortified with sand for slip resistance and wearability. The proper sand and water were already added. Simply stir, Pour, and apply be soft rubber squeegee. 
  • This is specially formulated so that it can be applied on tennis courts.
  • Tennis Court Paint is based on the selected binder and inert pigments. 

Starts from Tk 2150

product details


  • It is non slippery
  • Outstanding weatherability
  • It possesses toughness
  • Water resistant


  • Coverage: 80 - 100 sqft/ltr/coat
  • Touch Dry: 30 minutes
  • Hard Dry: 2 – 3 hours
  • Recoating Time: 3 hours
  • Thinning Ratio: 20 – 25% with clean water
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Direction For Use

Preparation for the site: Before applying Tennis Court paint, dust, oil, alga, and fungus should be cleaned up properly from court or playground. Then the specific place should be cleaned up. For new play court, use 120 sandpaper or stone to clean up. For the net finish surface, it must be rough by grinding. For old fungus and alga, use a scraper or soap to clean up. For big hole and unequal surface, use  cement plaster to make surface equal. Court or playground should be dried up properly before applying paint to cure.

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