Puttelite Wall Putty


  • Puttelite is a wall putty based on acrylic emulsion.
  • It is very easy to apply.
  • After it is hard and dry, the wall can be smoothened up by rubbing with appropriate sand paper.

Starts from Tk 420

product details


  • It makes wall smooth by filling up the pores
  • Decreases paint consumption
  • It also covers uneven portions and small holes


  • Coverage: 30 – 40 sqft/ltr/coat
  • Surface Dry: 3 - 4 hours
  • Hard Dry: 8 hours
  • Thinning Ratio: 5% volume with clean water
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Direction For Use

Preparation for the site: Before applying puttelite, for new wall, use a 120 sand paper or stone and for old wall, use a scrapper or soap to clean up the wall .New plaster is needed for covering different flaws, holes, cracks in the wall.  Use Puttelite to plain only for small holes, cracks or flaws.

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Under Coats

Puttelite Wall Putty

Wall putty is based on adhesion promoted acrylic that dries quickly, & fills the voids, cracks, imperfections of the wall.