3 in 1 Putty


3 in 1 putty mix is an advanced technology for high-performance penetrating putty mix used to protect concrete, brick, mortar and masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of water intrusion. It is a styrene copolymer and water-based advanced technology solution. It is unique of its kind self-primed putty that provides a strong foundation for topcoats and enhances the desired performance of finish paints, both in looks and durability. 

Starts from Tk 500

product details


  • It is cost-effective and has sealer, putty and damp care properties, no need to apply putty or sealer separately.
  • Provides excellent water repellency and keeps water out of your structure.
  • Easy to apply and ready to use.
  • It provides an excellent top coat finish.
  • It offers superior smoothness.
  • Resists mildew and moss formation, rust stains, and efflorescence
  • Requires no special tools to apply


  • Coverage: Theoretical coverage-65 sft/Kg
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Direction For Use

3 in 1 Putty Mix is to be used only on interior surfaces. The putty can be applied on all concrete and masonry surfaces. No primer is needed.

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