Super Strength

This is a ready-to-use liquid accelerating concrete admixture, which brings down the setting time and increases strength.

Industrielite Damp Stop

It provides a moisture barrier for interior & exterior concrete surfaces, & also has the ability to retain decorative appeal.

Salt Seal

To protect the wall from salt it is the best foundation for base coat.

SLE Self Leveling Epoxy

Floor Mask self leveling epoxy provides outstanding performance as a seamless flooring solution. Which is used in food and beverage processing facilities, Electronic equipment plants, industrial and commercial warehouse, garment factories, etc.

Elite Care

Elite care comprises of hi-teach products specially developed to take care of your contractions building & walls.

Super Plaster 2K

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3 in 1 Putty

3 in 1 putty mix is an advanced technology for high-performance penetrating putty mix used to protect concrete, brick, mortar and masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of water intrusion.

Super Latex

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Super Seal Water Repellent

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PU Roofcoat

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Floor Paint

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