1. Rebelite Synthetic Paste Distemper is formulated with acrylic emulsion.
  2. Gives a matt finish to your interior walls and ceilings and has good opacity.
  3. It is in economical emulsion for interior spaces.
  4. Available in 37 shades as per shade card.


Properties Features Pack size
Acrylic distemper Coverage: 120-130 sqft/ltr/coat 0.91 ltr(s)
Anti bacterial Touch Dry: 30 minutes 3.64 ltr(s)
Smooth, durable and matt finish Hard Dry: 2-3 hours 18.2 ltr(s)
Good coverage Recoating Time: 3 hours  
Non washable Thinning Ratio: Equal volume with clean water  

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elite paint

elite paint
elite paint

elite paint