Master Coat


  • Master Coat is our superior quality exterior emulsion paint.
  • It is specially formulated to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • It is the best quality exterior emulsion paint in the market.
  • 10 Years Guarantee.
  • Available in more than 1050 shades.


Pack size
Excellent scrub resistant Coverage: 160 - 180 sqft/ltr/coat 0.91 ltr(s)
Long lasting and highly resistant to dirt Drying Time: 6 hours 3.64 ltr(s)
Outstanding coverage Touch Dry: 30 minutes 18.20 ltr(s)
Excellent smoothness and sheen Hard Dry: 2 - 3 hours  
Resistant to fungi and algae Recoating Time: 3 hours  
Highly resistant to rain marks Thinning Ratio: 25 - 30% by volume with clean water  
Gives a smoother matt and elegant look    

Under Coats

(Special Note : Salt Seal is recommended to use specially for Coastal Area or Salty Area.)

Shade Card

(Disclaimer : The colors in the graphical representation of the shade card below may vary in real life)