Mastercoat Exterior Sealer


  • Mastercoat Exterior Sealer/undercoat is based on acrylic co-polymer emulsion.
  • Works as an undercoat for dry exterior walls, cement plasters, concretes and brickworks prior to application of water - thinned paints.
  • It seals and stops penetration of moisture inside the wall.


Pack size
Dries quickly with no residual smell Coverage: 80 - 90 sqft/ltr/coat 0.90 ltr(s)
Excellent alkali resisting properties Touch Dry: 30 minutes 3.60 ltr(s)
Increases opacity of paint Hard Dry: 2 - 3 hours 18 ltr(s)
Incresaes durability of paint Thinning Ratio: 30 - 35% by volume with clean water  
Resistant to fungi and algae